Dumb Waiter

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    ISUZU Dumbwaiter Models

    Models from 12 kg to 300 kg offering a side choice of car sizes :off the shelf". 

    Other non-standard size are also available. 

    All the models operate inside a rapidly erected structure supported frame which is galvanised for longer life. 

    "Rise and fall" shutters landing doors (in standard configuration) are finished in painted or hair line stainless steel . 

    The landing push button station is fitted with "lift arrival", "lift occupied" and "lift position" indicators. 

    ISUZU Dumbwater can travel up to a maximum 20 meters, and up to three entrances can be fitted on each floor. 

    Thanks to the reliable electronic control, efficient motor with high quality reduction gearbox and electromagnetic disk brake, and operation isextremely quiet and safe in any type of installation. 

    1. Car with baked enamel finish or in stainless steel AISI 304 

    2. Manual single hinged door; in stainless steel AISI 304 or with backed enamel finish 

    3. Manual landing door with rise and fall shutters, in satin stainless steel AISI 304 or with baked enamel finish 

    4. Motorised rise and fall shutters (opt.) 

    5. Car rise and fall shutters (opt.) 

    6. Machien room door with baked enamel 

    finish or in stainless steel (opt.) 

    7. Emergency unlocking by means of a triangular key (opt.) 

    8. Additional shelves for the car (opt.) 

    9. Car lighting (opt.) 

    10. Car heating system with thermostat (opt.)

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