Home Lift

  • Type : IH01 - IH02 - IH03 Type : IH01 - IH02 - IH03

    Basic Parametre 

    Standard: Q/ 320500DndT001- 2003

    Driving Way: Traction or Hydraulic

    Normal Load : 250KG, 320KG, 400KG

    Capacity 3 - 5 persons

    Max stops: 4 floors

    Max Travel :12m

    Min headroom height: 2700mm

    Normal pit depth: 140mm

    Main power supply : single phase 220v (50 / 60 HZ)

    Speed :0.1m/s - 0.2m/s

    Power :1.1 - 2.2 kw

    Landing door: single entrance, opposite entrance, and right angle entrance 

    Gear radio: 1:1, 2:1

    Shaft: construction shaft, frame shaft

    Installation scope: indoor and outdoor

    Standrad Function

    Light screen Protection

    Emergency go down

    Hand operator go down in emergency

    Emergency light

    Car light turn off automatically

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